T roy is the name NASA gave to this location because the Martian Rover "Spirit" was subdued for a time in the soft soil during the Martian spring of 2009. This panorama is constructed from literally hundreds of separate images taken of the surroundings beginning Sol 1906 and Sol 1943 (June 20, 2009).

The tracks Spirit leaves behind are about 1 meter apart, with one track being noticeably deeper than the others. This is because one wheel has locked-up, and Spirit must drive backwards, dragging its stuck wheel as it goes. As a silver lining to this problem, the gouging action has allowed Spirit to discover interesting features just below the soil surface-- features that might have otherwise gone overlooked.

This version is a false-color, red-green-blue composite panorama generated from images taken through the Pancam's 750-nanometer, 530-nanometer and 430-nanometer filters. The false color enhances visibility of differences among the types of rock and soil material in the image.

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